Why Should I Consider a Shed for my Next Home

Why Should I Consider a Shed for my Next Home

Why Choose a Shed as Your Home

The shed to home trend has taken the world by storm but what is making everyone flock to this phenomenon. Read below to find out some of the reasons why we think its a good choice.

The shed to home movement is becoming increasingly popular but why is that? Well we are glad you are here because we wanted to line out a few reasons why we believe this is a great option for many people, especially in the current world climate. We believe shed to home living is not only a trend, but is here to stay for a few reasons we have lined out below.

Get Your Home in a Fraction of the Time

Most people have the dream of designing their own home but the time that it takes to meet with a design team and the driving back and forth to the office is a major turn off for people. Not everyone has a ton of extra time in their schedule which can become quite a headache. We keep our standard designs simple and leave room to put your personal touches on from there. We offer many options so you can make it your own but keep it as simple as possible to leave the headache out of the process.

Your Budget Will Thank You

Traditional stick homes can get pretty pricey. But because our builders are so efficient in building these types of structures, building the shell is like second nature to them cutting down on time therefore saving you labor costs. Traditional stick homes can cost 100k's ,while shed to homes being only 10k's, allowing customers the ability to save up and even live debt free. If you want to save even more money and do some of the work yourself, we offer partial finish outs, structuring your basic needs letting you finish the rest yourself on your own time.

Don't Let Your Home Hold You Down

Sometimes life happens and you have to move when you didn't really plan on it or maybe you're a nomad and enjoy new scenery every few years. Skip the hassle of looking for a new home and take your home with you when you choose a portable home solution like a shedaminium. The nice thing about a portable shed home is when the unexpected comes up, your home is a few simple steps away from being mobile. Unlike mobile homes they are not built on wheels but they are built tough and portable making wherever life may take you home sweet home possible.

De-stress Your Space and Life

People are realizing that downsizing is a the perfect solution to de-stress and de-clutter their lives. Something about a pandemic will really help you analyze what's important. We've had customers design a shedaminium all the way up to a 18x60 or 1080 or you can go with a tiny home size. Whatever you choose simplifying the home in which you live in can really help de-clutter your physical and mental life and it's a positive direction a lot of people are taking nowadays. We would love nothing more than to help this become a reality for you.

Whatever the reason you are considering a shed to home we would love to sit down and talk with you about your home goals. Watch a few of our videos or browse our social media and website to get a feel for the process and give us a call to get started.

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