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COVID-19 Update: WE ARE OPEN. We are here to help you build your dream with the health and safety of our customers and employees in mind. As an essential business, we will remain open in compliance with the Hunt County stay at home order while practicing social distancing at all of our open locations. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.

Texas-Built Buildings
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We have crafted top-quality sheds and buildings for more than 13 years. A family-run business in Commerce Texas. We provide our customers with quality sheds, garages, and cabins, built the old fashioned-way, in a time-honored tradition of Mennonite craftsmanship using only the best materials available to provide products with integrity. We also build Gazebos, Greenhouses, Tea Houses and much more.


Each building is hand-built using quality materials, you will notice the difference the moment you walk in. We use full 2×4 wall studs, with 2×6 treated floor joists set into notched 4×6 treated skids on 12’, 14’, 16’ and 18’ wide buildings. The doors are key locked for your protection. Inside the building, you’ll find a series of air vents positioned to create optimum circulation and temperature control.


We want to assure our customers that when you purchase from Lonestar Shed Builders, LLC, you are getting buildings that meet or exceed state and federal building specifications, and meet relevant industry-specific regulations or standards


Lonestar Shed Builders, LLC, operates to ensure that we deliver consistent high quality. We desire to provide you with a cost effective building, but that also enhances the landscape and adds real value to your property for years to come. Rest assured you’ll get the highest quality building at the best possible price.